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December 2009

One-Minute Answer: Into every life comes events that create anxiety, set backs, or hard times. You may be facing adversity right now in your work, your education, your family, your finances, or in your health. The national scene can also supply bad news whether economically, sociologically, politically, or militarily. At the same time, we are [...]


What is the biggest mistake that leaders make?

by admin on December 8, 2009

One-Minute Answer: The other day I enjoyed a cup of my favorite coffee—a grande half-caff with four shots of mocha syrup and negative room at Starbucks. I was there to meet my Pennsylvania State Representative for the first time. We had a pleasant time getting acquainted. As often happens when a new friend learns of [...]


One-Minute Answer: In 1992, I co-authored What to Say to Get What You Want: Strong Words for 44 Challenging Bosses, Employees, Coworkers, and Customers. While dissatisfied clients headlined their section of the book, eight other challenging types joined them. The whole list looked like this: Complainers are upset by something they believe you did or [...]