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January 2010

What do I need to know about my voice?

by Sam on January 26, 2010

One-Minute Answer: Dallas Cowboy Tony Dorsett was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1994. His path to glory makes for a fascinating story.   Before he ever graduated from Hopewell High School in western Pennsylvania, NCAA college recruiters coveted him as one of the premier running backs in America. Pitt Coach Johnny [...]

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What do I need to know about body language?

by Sam on January 19, 2010

One-Minute Answer: UCLA Professor Albert Mehrabian discovered that words contain only 7% of the power that can be unleashed through face-to-face communication. Another 38% of our influence is attributed to voice, with body language accounting for a clear majority—55% of our conversational impact.   When I read his study back in the 70’s my immediate [...]


One-Minute Answer: The CEO who commands the respect of her Board is free to lead with confidence. The VP who pleases his CEO will become a succession candidate. The manager prized by the VP she reports to is going places. The administrative assistant who wins the favor of his manager has job security and career [...]


One-Minute Answer: Your response to the December 9, 2009 broadcast on this same topic was overwhelming. You sent in suggestions for a 12th leadership mistake, you were lavish with your praise, and more of you opened it than usual. You inspired this question to return for a curtain call.   Some of you wondered where [...]

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