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February 2010

How did great leaders get that way?

by Sam on February 23, 2010

One-Minute Answer:  Two recent email blasts on the biggest mistakes that leaders make, prompted several comments from readers. Most common among them were, “You’ve told us what not to do; now tell us what to do!”   One query from a CEO was, “You mentioned an Executive Leadership Academy; what’s that all about?” The five-minute [...]

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What are some funny sayings about life?

by Sam on February 16, 2010

One-Minute Answer:  Two weeks ago on the topic of sales you learned how important it is to build margin. A sure way to do this is to increase your power through a positive outlook.   There’s enough negativity in our work and in our personal lives. That negativity can extract a heavy toll. It reduces [...]

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How can I avoid hiring mistakes?

by Sam on February 9, 2010

One-Minute Answer:  Hiring the wrong person is a costly blunder. The opportunity lost when another choice would have performed better depresses the bottom line. The pain of squandered resources, team disruption, and legal issues are excruciating. The unnecessary time spent on dealing with problem hires and finding their replacements can never be recalled.   Two-thirds [...]


How can I close more deals?

by Sam on February 2, 2010

One-Minute Answer: This question is not going to be answered this week. You see, great salespeople don’t close deals. They help their prospects do that. So the question should read, “How can I get prospects to close more deals?” (But were it stated that way, you might not have opened this email!)   In 1996 [...]

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