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March 2010

How can we increase unity on our team?

by Sam on March 30, 2010

One-Minute Answer:  In 1979 the Pittsburgh Pirates won their last World Series. The star on that team, Willie Stargell, would eventually enter the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame. Another player, Dave Parker, also achieved distinction as an outstanding athlete. The rest of the team, however, consisted largely of journeymen ball players, many of whom [...]


One-Minute Answer:  Boss? Colleague? Direct report? Customer? Spouse? Child? Sibling? Neighbor? Friend? Who is the person that’s causing you to look forward to the advice below?   A number of years ago I co-authored What to Say to Get What You Want: Strong words for 44 challenging bosses, employees, coworkers, and customers. Some of the [...]

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What do I need to ask myself?

by Sam on March 16, 2010

One-Minute Answer:  A Nationwide Insurance TV commercial warns, “Life comes at you fast!” And it does—often so fast that we have little time to reflect on our role in it.   This is “Reflection Week” at Ask Sam Deep. We’re suspending learning in favor of introspection, delaying instruction in favor of contemplation, and postponing scholarship [...]


One-Minute Answer:  There’s much talk about corporate culture these days. So, what exactly is it? Culture is the way the people inside an organization relate to each other, to their work, and to their customers. The right culture translates into consistent prosperity, whether your corporate goals are for-profit or not-for-profit.   The leaders of a [...]


What are some things better not to say?

by Sam on March 2, 2010

One-Minute Answer: Recently we acknowledged the force of our voice and our body language as we speak. Now it’s time to discover the impact of our words even though, as you’ll remember, research tells us that impact pales in comparison to voice and body.   We can accomplish good for ourselves and for others with [...]

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