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May 2010

One-Minute Answer:  How do your direct reports count on you to behave?   One of the best parts of my work is when the C-level executives I serve allow me to get to know employees throughout the company. I’ve learned so much about good leadership this way.   Sometimes it’s a matter of meeting people [...]


Am I strategic with my time?

by Sam on May 18, 2010

One Minute Answer:  You are more ready than ever to be strategic with your time once you’ve applied the counsel in the previous four ASKs. That’s because you’ve reduced the routine, curtailed the crises, winnowed the wasted, and minimized the misguided portions of your day.   When you diminish these parasites, though, be swift to [...]


Am I a victim of misguided pursuits?

by Sam on May 11, 2010

One-Minute Answer:  Only if you’re a lot like the rest of us.   Welcome to a fourth look at the way we chew up our day. These past three weeks you’ve learned how to minimize non-productive behaviors that fall in the routine, crisis, and wasted classes of time. Before we turn our attention to the [...]


One-Minute Answer: By never saying, “Where did I leave my keys?”   This is week three in our examination of the five classes of time: (1) doing routine stuff, (2) reacting to crises, (3) wasting it, (4) doing what you ought to know not to do, (5) or acting wisely. Today we look at the [...]