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February 2011

You may be about to embark on your very first opinion survey of employees. Or perhaps you’re planning a departure from past assessments. Either way, pursue as many of these seven best practices as possible. 1. Know why you’re doing it. There’s one very good reason and many less nobler motives. The most commendable rationale [...]


How can I get my boss to ________ ?

by Sam on February 15, 2011

If you report to someone, you are in sales just as sure as the dealer who convinced you to buy your last car. You are forever, it seems, trying to convince that person to take an action or let you take an action. Whatever your selling goal, here’s how to achieve it more often. The [...]


When that next promotion comes, your first thoughts are likely to focus on the change you intend to make to overcome your team’s mistakes of the past, to take advantages of opportunities presented by the future, and to establish yourself as a confident, in-charge leader. WHOA! It’s human nature to have such thoughts; it may [...]