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August 2011

We judge ourselves by what we feel capable of doing; others judge us by what we have done. ~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow As you continue through these twelve choices of emphasis that have profound impact on the outcomes of your leadership, remember the words of Longfellow. The behavior that you believe you can show (or do [...]


Part 2: What Will My 12 Leadership Ratios Be?

by admin on August 23, 2011

Force is all-conquering, but its victories are short-lived. ~Abraham Lincoln As you decide how to best balance the twelve pairs of contrasting leadership emphases appearing over four weeks, consider the words of our sixteenth President. Ask yourself, “How do my feelings about force inform the ratio I bias toward for each pair?” Previously we covered 1-3. [...]


Conductors of great symphony orchestras do not play every musical instrument; yet through leadership the ultimate production is an expressive and unified combination of tones. ~Thomas D. Bailey As a leader you can’t do everything. Great leaders know they must make choices. These are rarely clean-cut alternatives between A and B. More often they are [...]