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December 2011

What dilemmas do new supervisors face? Part 1

by Sam on December 20, 2011

Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional. ~M. Kathleen Casey The transition from doing to leading is not always easy. It can be counted on to bring surprise, challenge, and even disappointment. When you or someone that you mentor becomes a supervisor of others for the first time, advance knowledge of the potential pain can head [...]


Where does my team need help?

by Sam on December 5, 2011

Most so-called managerial teams are not teams at all, but a collection of individual relationships with the boss in which each individual is vying with every other for power, prestige, recognition, and personal autonomy. ~Douglas McGregor The McGregor quote isn’t the pithiest that you’ve seen on this site, but it says it all. I have [...]