Books by Sam

Lost and Found

Lost & Found
Larry Parks feels truly lost as a leader. Three life altering events encourage him to open his mind to new ways of thinking about his responsibilities. Through them he learns three vital leadership lessons. He realizes that everyone needs to KNOW, GROW, and OWN and that being a successful leader means helping and enabling people to meet those needs. Lost & Found and the seminar based on its message just might change the way you think about leadership. It may also prove effective in your role of coaching others who need to do a better job of influencing others. Crown Publishing, 149 pages.

Act On It!
Do you wish you could make decisions faster and with more authority and confidence? Do you question that the power to act is in your hands? If so, Act On It! is the book for you. From honing communication skills and personal effectiveness to delegating tasks, holding employees accountable, assessing performance, hiring, firing, and dealing with a problematic boss of your own, you’ll get the answers here. Act On It! provides the swiftest route to the best solution with a simple three-step problem-solving technique. Perseus Books, 228 pages.

Close The Deal
Whether meeting with a prospect or selling your boss on a new idea, Close the Deal is your sales training, troubleshooting, and motivational manual. Chock full of insightful advice and practical checklists, it applies to every step of the sale–from making appointments to delivering exceptional customer service. Jay Levinson, author of the best seller Guerrilla Marketing, says, “I sat down to thumb through the book and ended up reading every page.” Perseus Books, 311 pages.

Smart MovesSmart Moves
This 1990 business classic is now in thirteen languages. Revised in 1997, it offers 140 practical checklists in chapters on communicating, delivering speeches, writing, supervising, creating quality, running meetings, managing conflict, negotiating, interviewing, managing time, and more. According to the HRD Review, “These lists are terrific!…It is obvious this book was written to fit into every business professional’s lifestyle.” Perseus Books, 247 pages.

What to Say to Get What You Want
This 1992 publication, revised in 1998, inspires a dynamic seminar on getting better results with 44 of the most challenging bosses, employees, coworkers, and customers. Whether you’re frustrated by the “Puzzle,” “Griper,” or “Leech,” you’ll get help with the worst button pushers in your life, both at work and at home. In its review the Library Journal said, “Deep and Sussman have again combined to create a highly readable book designed to aid managers in dealing with everyday problems.” Perseus Books, 316 pages.

What to Ask When You Don’t Know What to Say
Subtitled 555 powerful questions to use for getting your way at work. Learn how to win with questions in tough situations and prepare for the answers you’ll get. No matter what your job, this ready-to-use guide will help you to master the verbal techniques needed to turn confusion into clarity, division into consensus, and frustration into satisfaction. You’re counseled through 186 encounters with bosses, employees, coworkers, customers, and others. Prentice Hall, 1993; 310 pages.

Yes, You Can!
The ultimate personal empowerment book. This 1996 “Smart Moves for People” gives 1200 practical tips for how to think positively, act powerfully, communicate effectively, build fulfilling relationships, motivate others, prosper at work, and prosper at home. It contains 125 of the most inspiring quotes you’ll ever read. Denis Waitley, author of The Psychology of Winning, says, “The knowledge you’ll gain from Yes, You Can! will change your life to ‘Now I am!’” Perseus Books, 288 pages.

Smart Moves For People In Charge
This “management encyclopedia” gives the practical advice you need to lead in today’s world. Uniquely organized and clearly written so that solutions to the problems you face pop out at you. Chapters include Build Your Executive Power, Spread the Word, Lead Your Team, Build Your Team, Renew Your Organization, and Stay Close to the Customer. Helge Wehmeier, CEO of the Bayer Corporation, says, “Thumbs up for Smart Moves for People in Charge. It should be in every executive’s toolbox. Perseus Books, 1995, 296 pages.