How Can Sam Help Me?

A good way to answer this question is for the two of us to sit down to explore your leadership situation. We’ll study the challenges you face, the management team around you, and the culture and condition of your organization. Based on these and other factors unique to your setting, we’ll first decide whether I can help you. If so, we’ll agree to put me in one or more of these roles.

Executive Advisor and Coach.  The top positions in an organization can be lonely places. I may be the right person to help you discover the 20% of your day that creates 80% of your leadership impact so you can delegate or eliminate some of the 80% netting only 20% of your results. You may need me as a sounding board for your ideas. You might ask me to challenge your decisions. You may want me to help you get feedback from others on your effectiveness. You may need someone to be honest with you with no agenda other than your success.

Mentor, Coach, Accountability Ally, Listener, Friend.  You and your high-level executives may benefit from leadership counsel. You and they might need someone at your side who can serve as a coach, cheerleader, referee, or trainer as called for.

Team Builder.  Teams at the top often require greater unity and a commonality of purpose. Occasionally there are broken relationships in need of healing that are duplicated down through the ranks. You can benefit from a tool that will increase teamwork, break down silos, resolve interpersonal conflict, and improve internal customer service.

Leadership Developer and Trainer.  For eight years I taught “Meeting the Challenges of Corporate Leadership” to 2nd year MBA’s in the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University. Coming from that experience the Leadership Academy will be tailored to your emerging, high-potential, succession leadership candidates. Topics within the Academy or for separate workshops, motivational presentations, or facilitations include:

§  Achieving Balance

§  Becoming a Better Listener

§  Becoming a Great Mentor

§  Being a Servant Leader

§  Breeding Ethical Behavior

§  Building Credibility with Your Boss

§  Building a Unified Team

§  Changing Corporate Culture

§  Creating Enriched Relationships

§  Criticism and Praise: Giving it and Getting It

§  Dealing with Difficult People and Problem Performers

§  Encouraging Manners and Civility in the Workplace

§  Finding More Time in Your Day

§  Finding your “One Thing”

§  Getting People to Listen to You

§  Great Leaders Do Three Things

§  Hiring Top Performers

§  Infusing Employees with Accountability

§  Keeping People Engaged in Stormy Times

§  Making Better Decisions

§  Making Performance Appraisals Work

§  Moving from Yesterday to Tomorrow: Managing Change in Yourself and Others

§  Presenting Yourself with Impact

§  Providing Exceptional Customer Service

§  Resolving Conflict with Others

§  Resolving Conflict between Others

§  Running Effective Meetings

§  Seven Keys to Personal and Professional Success

§  Seven Ways to Close More Deals

§  The Emotional Wiring of Great Leaders

§  The Greatest Mistakes Leaders Make

§  What to Ask When You Don’t Know What to Say: Using Questions for Impact

Motivational Speaker.  You may want me to kick off or conclude a management conference for you with a presentation on a wide range of topics (see #4 above) featuring an appropriate blend of humor, inspiration, and substance.

Presentation Skills Coach.  Do your executives need to improve their ability to stand up and deliver at conferences, board meetings, sales presentations, or instructional settings? Through instruction, videotaping, and feedback they’ll make dramatic improvements.

Performance Management Advisor.  Many of my clients have received help creating performance review processes that for the first time actually improve performance while remaining true to their organizational culture.

Process Consultant.  You and I will work together to implement a strategic planning vehicle that is sensitive to where you are and takes you where you need to go. Or we may choose to apply the powerful “retrospective thinking” exercise to an upcoming crisis, opportunity, or major change that you face. Other purposes for process consultation abound. The solutions are always fully tailored to, and sometimes even invented for, the problems you have to solve.


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