Is this the final Ask Sam Deep?

by Sam on November 30, 2010

Never fear running out of answers, only fear running out of questions. ~Unknown author

One-Minute Answer: No, but we are changing our format.

The era of comprehensive six-minute answers to far-reaching questions in these emails gives way to a new service for a faster-moving age.

Starting next week the questions will become more immediate and urgent. For example: “What should I do about a colleague over whom I have no authority who’s not meeting promised deadlines?”

In the same way, the answers will be more laser-focused. Rather than twelve to fifteen ideas to scroll through, you’ll get one or maybe two hard-hitting solutions to apply.

So, next week tune in for the remedy for a peer who’s not playing fair.

One More One-Minute Answer: The seventy-three full length ASK’s resting “in the can” have been put to great use—hopefully to your benefit.

Smart Moves in Six Minutes

My latest book (2011) features twenty-seven of the most popular ASK’s from the web site. If you’d like copies in time for Christmas gifts they are available for $15 plus $1.05 in PA sales tax. I’ll pay the shipping for any number of books, and I’ll personalize them to whomever you designate.

Send your order to or call (412) 487-2379. You can pay by check, company P.O., or credit card. Quantity discounts are available.

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